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New Installations

From $299.99

Seasonal Maintenance

$150.00 (most residential systems)

Sprinkler Head Replacement (installed)

From $59.99

Upgrade your existing controller to Wifi (allows control via an app from any smartphone or tablet)

From $399.99

Fall Winterization *Includes free spring opening! (Purge all sprinkler lines with tow-behind large volume air compressor)

From $150.00

Spring Tune-Up (Opening and complete inspection of system, sprinkler adjustment, controller programming, replace battery back-up, provide list of recommended repairs/improvements.)

From $69.99

Replace/Repair Damaged Sprinkler Head

$69.99 (2 or more only $60 ea.)

Valve Repair

From $69.99

Waterline Repair

From $59.99

Trenching Service

From $200.00



Client Tech Support


We offer design, support and trenching services for Do-It-Yourself system installations. Contact us for details.